NYC Fashion Week: Rodarte

Welcome to the world of Rodarte. A universe unique to the Californian girls
that is more reminiscent of a universe created by Tim Burton himself; beautiful,
dark and mysteriously magical. The clothes emerged from a sea of smoke that
lapped their legs and only added to the experience. One of my favorites of
the week so far! Sx






Filed under Sophia Neophitou

2 responses to “NYC Fashion Week: Rodarte

  1. David McGough

    womens fashion is magical philosophy and phenomenology reality interpersed with fantasy and escape to make the harsh reality both meaningful and rebellious with or without the cultural references to underpin understanding of the collections – just found this website although have purchased 10 since 2002 – anyway good stuff – David McGough

  2. Sharon Tate/wrecking crew

    yes have a clipping of rodarte in my living room!!


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