We love the Fashionspot.com

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We’re massive fans of http://www.thefashionspot.com. Loads of mag obsessives give their honest opinions on fashion publishing. These, so far, from dedicated bloggers about the new 10. 

RachelleChar: this issue looks promising… cant wait to see more!

Scott: you really have to get beyond the cover to appreciate 10’s quality. some of the most beautiful stories i’ve seen in the last year’s have been in 10. and they like to cram loads of images within its cover.

Fashionken: cedric’s story is–i’m just lost for words–it’s absolutely incredible. it says everything about this season that needs to be said.

Kushie: mehe i quite like it. she looks like shes just been thrown out someplace. her sitting on the pavement looking particularly pissed off out some gates in a short dress and socks…can’t wait to see what it’s all about inside


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