Friday Playlist: we present ladies who sing. Enjoy! We sing, but only in the bath.

Ronny: If you want me to stay – The original model turned singer. And notice those shoulders. Sharp!

Neneh Cherry: Buffalo Stance – Quite simply Wunderbar!

Vanessa Paradis: Joe le Taxi- Look at her sway. Whilst singing about Monsieur Joe. Not bad for a 14-year-old chanteuse. In fact, it’s quite brilliant.

Amanda Lear: Gold – Amanda Lear. In a tight pink combo. Spinning and singing. About gold!

Bangles: Hazy Shade of Winter – The soundtrack to Less Than Zero is all the explanation this needs.

Stevie Nicks: Edge of Seventeen – concert video thingy EVER. There are two Stevie’s. And two doves. It’s like Christmas in August!

Bikini Kill: Rebel Girl – Kathleen Hanna I HEART you I do. Really do. Really really…

Diana Ross: Chain Reaction – Witness the amazing colour changing curtain behind Ms Ross. Pink to orange to purple. I need that backdrop in my life. Without it I’ll never be complete.

Grace Jones: Pull up to the Bumper – Go on. Do it. Pull Up! Yeah!

Cristina: When You Were Mine – There is no video for this but then Miss Monet is so figgin’ fabulous she doesn’t need one.



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2 responses to “Friday Playlist: we present ladies who sing. Enjoy! We sing, but only in the bath.

  1. That Diana Ross clip is a-mazing. But the audience? Wake the f*** up! If that was me I’d be dancing ON my seat…

  2. Do lady duo’s next! this is the best song ever….amazing hair, make up, clothes, set. Everything!

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