Antonio Berardi: a quick few off the wrist before his summer hols to join us again in September. The following 10 musics have hidden meanings…

1. Cliff Richard – CONGRATULATIONS – To the new Creative Director of a very famous mag. You know who you are!!!

2. Transvision Vamp – BABY I DON’T CARE – Sainsburys here we come!  

3. The Flying Lizards – MONEY (that’s what I want) – The best things in life are free…

4. The Black Ghosts – SOME WAY THROUGH THIS  – is Legoland the new Ibiza ?

5. The Pretenders – BRASS IN POCKET – says it all.

6. Coldplay – STRAWBERRY SWING – Always look out for the Bitch Squirrel, a cruel race at the best of times.

7. Depeche Mode – WRONG – some things are, like plop and the F-word.

8. Placebo – PURE MORNING – A friend in need’s a friend indeed…

9. ABBA – SO LONG – See ya honey!

10. The Beatles – HELLO GOODBYE  – signing out until September.


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