Fashion Heroine: Siobhan Fahey – all round top dresser!

Siobhan Fahey. 

I had flu (not Swine…) a while ago, shocking it was. All I did for 5 days was sweat and play on Youtube. I think it may have been the drugs I was on, but I started this relentless search for images of Bananarama and more specifically, Siobhan. Well, it was amazing, the stuff she wore!

Sue Clowes-looking print skirts, ‘Hard Times’ layering – grey marl sleeveless sweats over tees etc. then later, braces and flippy cotton washed skirts or later still ripped Levi’s and flying jackets from Laurence Corner and later still again, darker and better in Shakespeare’s Sister. I’m a sucker for a fashion weirdo (in a good way). She’s now pushing Pam Hogg Couture. Love her!

As seen in the current issue of 10.


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One response to “Fashion Heroine: Siobhan Fahey – all round top dresser!

  1. Joseph Stone

    Siobhan Fahey and Marcella Detroit were my heroes when I was a kid. Oh my god! They were amazing. I used to do my parents head in playing Hormonally Yours on repeat every day!!!! and the video for Stay????? I don’t even need to say anymore!!!

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