Antonio Berardi’s summer time hits of now and yesteryear: “I’m schwitzing!”

Why these scorching songs? Well, because we’re melting here in Milan! The wicked witch of the west wouldn’t have lasted a minute here. Positively sweltering! It’s obscene. And the mozzies are a fekin’ nightmare!

1. THE DEAD WEATHER – Are Friends Electric? – Jack White’s new outfit, on a
Numan tip! And because the weather is killing me!

 2. CunnyLynguists – Never Come Down (the brownie song) – High as a kite, and
with a name that will set tongues wagging…

3. DAVID LEE ROTH – California Girls – Beach, girls and a chest wig – Fun for all the family.

4. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Summertime Clothes – Break out your hot-pants and
vests, it’s a scorcher here!

5. FIDDLER’S DRAM – Day trip to Bangor – Bum-ta-ra-ra. Picnic time

6. BLUR – Girls and Boys – Gwaan, get sopping wet and start looking for love… it’s all about summer!

7.  BAY CITY ROLLERS – Summerlove Sensation – What did I tell you, Tartan’s a
big thing for next summer…

8. DJ JAZZY JEFF AND THE FRESH PRINCE – Summertime – Time to sit back & unwind. 

9. Y.A.S. – Stayin’ Alive MIRWAIS – It’s so bloody hot here, ‘IT’ (and I might be talking Cousin IT) is what I am aiming for.

10. BONEY M – Hooray! Hooray ! – It’s a holi-holiday! Friday is upon us – Hurrah!


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