Exclusive: the Katie Grand Wedding Pictures! To see it is to believe it!

Well, to be honest, the pictures are new and exclusive, BUT NOT REAL!

You see, after having spent the morning searching high and low for images of the nuptials (for some reason Katie has not done a deal with either Hello or OK!), I drew a blank. Google has failed me. There is nothing out there, nothing at all. So, in a last ditch effort to preserve at least a little sanity, and not very much dignity, let me present ‘The 10 Katie Grand Wedding Dresses’. Not what she wore exactly, more what she could have worn…

Just for you, dear readers, the very gorge, fabulous and newly thin Katie Grand, in a sort of Haute Couture greatest hits. Enjoy!

Chanel S/S 2004


Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2005

katie 2

Chanel A/W 2003

katie 3

Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2001

katie 4

Christian Lacroix S/S 2002

katie 5

Chanel A/W 2004

katie 6

Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 2005

katie 7

Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 2004

katie 10

Chanel A/W 2005

katie 9

Yves Saint Laurent A/W 2001

katie 8


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One response to “Exclusive: the Katie Grand Wedding Pictures! To see it is to believe it!

  1. Jordan made the shoes famous by playing in them, and his on-the-court accomplishments have allowed the brand to continue to grow. And while it is not so much about the shoe as it is the man whose feet they were on, we’d all be lying if said we didn’t enjoy/cringe at how some of his shoe styles looked.

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