Dolly Farrier gets all swaggy in a Swiss chalet: “I want Pink / Drape / Shine” said the Editor-in-Chief…

In the boardroom of Ten Towers, the Editor-in-Chief was discussing some ideas lost in the bottom of her Chanel handbag, whilst Fashion Assistant Dolly Farrier was busy writing notes with her fabulous sister Dolly Marshall, who was busy sketching creative ideas.

“I’m thinking Alpine Switzerland / Chalet / Indoor, but with a twist. You know, not Blue / Ice / Cold, think more: Pink / Drape / Shine.” said the Editor in Chief.


“It’s in here somewhere…  the fabric I found for the look, cut from an old couture number. Just dust off the crumbs… Here it is! Perfect! Let me show you how to drape a look…”


“I’m thinking yards and yards of silk, ribbons, chiffon, twisted, puffed, yet elegant edge on the first look…  There is nothing quite like it. I’M SIMPLY PIONEERING.

Designers will use this,without question for next season’s research. I LOVE IT.  Now take it to the shoot, Dolly Farrier. Keep it Perfect and DON’T CHANGE my masterpiece!           

“I need to trust you as I have appointments I must attend, and so the shoot needs to happen without me. Can I trust you, Dolly Farrier?”


It was a big day for Dolly Farrier, after last week’s fiasco on the bus, she was sure not going to take any more chances…

The Alpine shoot was in full swing when she turned up. She was glad to have got there in time just as the photographer seemed to have his own rather literal ideas about the clothes…


 “I’ve been told the shoot must be ‘Pink, drape, shine…’ She’s created this and I just need to pop it on you see, it’s really quite easy and straight forward. Think couture!”

Dolly Farrier was surprised to see two models when the creation was only meant for one… but no matter, it was her chance to shine as an up-and-coming stylist!

The photographer expressed his concern with both models being draped in the creation…


BUT Dolly Farrier was determined to prove herself right – whatever it took, however long , the creation wlll go on!


Meanwhile, back in Ten Towers, after an endless round of press appointments, the Editor-in-Chief was wondering if anyone had heard how the Alipne shoot was coming along…



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