Here he is, Antonio Berardi and his Best of British playlist – Part Two. “Ooh, it makes you proud to have terrible teeth and a crumbling economy…”

1. ELBOW – Grounds for Divorce – Coz “Mondays is for drinking with the seldom seen kid”

2. DAVID BOWIE – Ashes to Ashes – “we know Major Tom’s a junkie”, and Bowie is our hero!

3. NEW ORDER – World in Motion – England World Cup song, with a rap by John Barnes. Is it not bizarre?

4. SUEDE – Trash – Aren’t we all, and doesn’t it sound so good?

5. LAMB – Gabriel – Aaahh! This one’s for Zeddy!

6. ABC – The Look of Love – Isn’t it time that Martin Fry re-surfaced ?

7. KATE BUSH – Babooshka – Rocking a veil and looking almost like a Sicilian widow. Ms. Bush is an inspiration!!

8. PRIMAL SCREAM – Some Velvet Morning – I chose this coz it features our Kate as well. Double whammy!!!

9. IAN BROWN – Love like a Fountain – Fekin’ love Ian Brown – MONKEY!!!

10. BARBRA DICKSON & ELAINE PAGE – I know Him So Well – Babs Dicko is an unsung hero, Respect !!!!


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