Exclusive! New Contributing Editor-at-Large, Dolly Farrier, is a fashion assistant on the up.

In the heady heights of Ten Towers, Dolly Farrier was working hard for a bit of inspiration for the September issue of Ten…


One day, one day, one day, I will make it out of the Towers and go on location somewhere. Inspire a generation…


Just finish this layout then I will tidy that cupboard. I will, I will tidy that cupboard and do the returns before they get back from the menswear shows…. I will, I will. Just finish writing my shopping list first maybe…


OMG! A phone call for little ol’ me right here in Ten Towers, for me?!? “Hello!.. Oooooh a shoot ? Can I prep a shoot? You say. Assistant stylist? Me? “big break?” Oh, I need to tidy up the fashion cupboard first? Then I can go? Really? Me?


Let me just check to see if I did do it.


OMG! I sooooo didn’t bother to tidy that fashion cupboard yesterday… I knew I should have, but, you know, Wimbledon was on and….


Ok Ok… tidy, tidy, tidy up. Oh! Tidy up OR cover up? Yes cover! Why not… big break big break. Will look like I did the cupboard.


Just use this to cover it ALL up. No one will ever know…


Just a bit more…Oooooh get in there Mr. Hermes bag…


Just a little bit more… DONE!


Quick, quick, quick! …off off off to prep a shoot… How lucky am I? Ooh bit heavy, and public transport only, they said…


Up the hill, oooh  don’t think I will make it in time, but it’s ok, the clothes will make up for it.


 Shit! Bit tight.


Meanwhile on location…


…the photographer was getting a bit hot under the collar.


Hello… hello… Any one seen Dolly Farrier? Im really hot… What time is it? Yes! We ARE ready for the next look… Shit! Where is she?

Thanks to the wonderful: http://www.jackyblue.com



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9 responses to “Exclusive! New Contributing Editor-at-Large, Dolly Farrier, is a fashion assistant on the up.

  1. Lilly Anne

    OMG!! OMG!! I roared with laughter. I love you more than words can ever say. Need more Holly Farrier now!!

  2. funniest post ever! *hearts*

  3. i love holly farrier too .

  4. Charles

    This is best thing ever ever. A great tale. Oooo yes.
    Love. Love. For real. No lies. Smazin’ etc etc.

  5. i will follow dolly farrier anywhere on the internet
    i heart her
    she’s a great talent

  6. Salvador

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH lol hahhahahah this is amazing!!

  7. Totally genius…Adorable!

  8. I heard she’s a total bitch! x

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