Paris menswear front row: Bernhard Willhelm

STFU! This is Antony’s all-time fave porn star. He’s a mucky one, alright and now modeling a bit of lycra in the Bernhard show. As Antony said at the time: “He’s quite versatile in the films I’ve seen him in and he’s exclusive to Raging Stallion Studios – name’s Logan McCree.” How informed Antony is…


Here he is again, mis-en-scene.

IMG01261-20090627-1438 (not fit for work viewing)


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One response to “Paris menswear front row: Bernhard Willhelm

  1. Jordan made the shoes famous by playing in them, and his on-the-court accomplishments have allowed the brand to continue to grow. And while it is not so much about the shoe as it is the man whose feet they were on, we’d all be lying if said we didn’t enjoy/cringe at how some of his shoe styles looked.

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