Raise a glass of Jesus Juice in tribute to a man who will be much missed- Michael Jackson. This Friday afternoon’s playlist is all about him.

1. I want you back/ ABC: The Jackson Variety Show. That set. Those catsuits. The collars!!

2. Blame it on the boogie: Don’t blame it on the sunshine. Or the moonlight light. Or even the good times for that matter.

3. Don’t stop till you get enough: Off the wall indeed.

4. Beat it: How funky strong is your fight?

5. Billie Jean: the legendary Motown 25th Anniversary performance. The first sighting of the moonwalk. Those sparkly socks. A-MA-ZING!

6. Thriller: Quite simply TH-RILL-ING!

7. The way you make me feel: Apparently Michael’s mun asked for a  song with “a shuffling kind of rhythm.” And let’s be honest no one can shuffle quite like Michael, just witness his 1988 Grammy performance.

8. Man in the mirror: No, there is no man who lives in a mirror and the world is a much poorer place for it.

9. Dirty Diana: Who’s it about? Diana Ross? Princess Diana? Was Princess Diana dirty? Will we ever know?

10. Smooth Criminal: So smooth it’s criminal.

11. Bad: Imagine if it had actually been a duet with Prince as originally planned. I’m weeing just thinking about it.


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