Paris menswear back of car: Thierry Mugler

Reasons why we didn’t go to the Thierry Mugler show: A. They gave me a flocking third row seat! B. It was on the 9th floor of a building with only one lift. And C. We needed to get over to the Rick Owens show, the other side of Paris. Sorry Tez, but we miss my Rick for no man. See you next season, if I get a decent seat… Btw. Here one is using Mugler invites as impromtu earrings. NEW!




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4 responses to “Paris menswear back of car: Thierry Mugler

  1. Charles

    WOW! Love your ear-wrongs!!

  2. me

    Seriously get over youself.. so petty. A million girls and gays would kill to be at the Paris shows, even standing right at the back, while you’re moaning about ONE show where you didn’t get front row, even though you probs got tip top seats at every other show..

  3. 10magazine

    Hi ‘me’, you’re absolutely right! I did think about what a twat I sounded when I wrote it. I actually didn’t mean it – I’m the absolute opposite of all that, just being a bit tongue in cheek and all. The real reason we had to leave Mugler was because we just couldn’t miss the Rick Owens show.
    Thanks for your comments.

    Cheers and best


  4. It’s a shame about Mugler’s menswear, after they had such a fantastic reprisal first season a few years ago, the last few seasons have gone completely unnoticed

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