Exclusive(ish): The Katie Grand hen do pics. To quote one attendee: “It were bonkers!”

Head swing type dancing from raven-haired beauty.


Sophia and Lady Harriet Quick (neither touched a drop)


“My body is a temple. Hick!”


DJ Jeremy Healy and the very lovely Pasty K fait du partie dans la cuisine.


Total mash-up, guy! (In Alaia)

katy 5

“Je m’appelle Victoria. Je suis une model. J’habite a Fabulous”


Dame Nicky Bidder and Simon Robins of The Charlatans


Bless and a thousand blesses – good luck, Grandy! xxx



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One response to “Exclusive(ish): The Katie Grand hen do pics. To quote one attendee: “It were bonkers!”

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