A cheeky Q&A plus exclusive peek at ‘When You’re a Boy: Men’s Fashion Styled by Simon Foxton’ the wonderful new exhibition soon to hit The Photographers’ Gallery, London.

A few words with the super-talented stylist, himself:


RG: You’re very much the Grande Dame of fashion these days, dear – did you ever think you’d end up doing what you’re doing? 

SF: It was never the plan to be at it this long. I didn’t really have any great ambition to do anything in particular. It’s quite a surprise to find myself, 25 years down the line,  still styling. I guess it’s just that I couldn’t think what else I’d rather be doing (and less of the Grande Dame if you don’t mind).


RG: What did your career adviser suggest you should do instead?

SF: I think there may have been some discussion about accountancy as I have always had a good head for figures. As a youth I always fancied being a beach-comber, but I guess that’s not the greatest career-path.


RG: Is there a particular signature to your styling? 

SF: That’s tricky, having had to look over a lot of it for this exhibition I guess I can see that a lot of it is quite clunky and perhaps amateur-looking at times. I’m not afraid of colour, tend not to follow trends and prefer more healthy looking boys.


RG: You are known for your casting, something that has ‘inspired‘ many others, and something we’re seeing more and more: ‘real people’ – do you see this too?

SF: I hadn’t noticed to be quite honest, but if that’s the case then all well and good. I like fashion to be inclusive, not exclusive.

RG: How do you know when enough is enough when you’re styling a look: ‘Do I layer another tee with this, or not?’

SF: Oh, I never know when enough is enough, Richard, actually, that is probably my signature style.


RG: It’s getting harder to be first with fashion: are kids on the street more aware about fashion than they were, say, twenty years ago?

SF: Definitely, there is so much more to choose from now and endless TV programmes and new magazines about it.  It’s become a national obsession.
I think kids around now look as exciting, or even more so, than ever before.


RG: Do you think we’ll ever get away from the ’80s referential thing – it’s exhausting!

SF: God, I hope so. If I get asked one more time about what things were like in the eighties! I think it’s high time we got away from referencing past decades and started inventing something new and beautiful for right now.


RG: This retrospective of your work sounds great, how hard was it to edit your image choices?

SF: It was very difficult, Penny Martin (the curator) and I spent days going through all of my old work.  Naturally, due to space and budget constraints, you end up having to ‘murder your darlings’, but I think we have edited it down to a comprehensive selection.


RG: Why pick the ones you picked?

SF: Well, they show the way I work with the three main protagonists: Nick Knight, Jason Evans and Alasdair McLellan, and then also the more
portrait-based work with other photographers I have worked with. I hope they will show the differing types of styling that I do.

RG: You and your polo shirts – how many do you own, anyway?!

SF: Not that many really, maybe six to eight. They’re comfortable and easy, I didn’t realise they were recognised as my ‘thing’.

All the above images plus more will feature.

Runs 17 July – 4 October 2009, at The Photographers’ Gallery, 16 – 18 Ramillies St, London W1F 7LW, 0845 262 1618, http://www.photonet.org.uk.



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2 responses to “A cheeky Q&A plus exclusive peek at ‘When You’re a Boy: Men’s Fashion Styled by Simon Foxton’ the wonderful new exhibition soon to hit The Photographers’ Gallery, London.

  1. SO excited about this!

  2. polo shirts are very casual and stylish indeed, most of the time i use polo shirts ..;

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