Live from the Venice Biennale that Sophia Neophitou gets blogging.

So, this year the Venice Biennale has become a veritable fashion fest:  Alyona of Russian Vogue is here with la Carine of French Vogue. There is a big event Italian Vogue are organising to celebrate the opening launch of the Francios Pinault Foundation in Venice at Pinta d’Ella Dogana, which Franca Sozzani and the Gucci group are hosting. Fashion Fashion!!

Arty finds so far:

Room of mirrors and the gradual destruction, vanity dies!


And then, as we turned the corner, to our initial horror and then surprise, there was a dead body –  lying there! But wait, no no it’s art, sweetie! It’s the kind of thing they do at the Biennale. The artist Alessandro Acerra is a sure taste of things to come – surprises galore! 


Paul Chan – Hong Kong.

Chan’s arresting, slightly disturbing and thought-provoking piece is intertwined with his philosophical research. ‘Sade for Sade’s Sake’ is a three-channel animation, in which, shadow-like imagery depicts human bodies and any abstract shapes, interacting in various ways. The piece’s rhythmic structure and content evoke the writings of the Marquis De Sade – so good!


Hector Zamora.

Zamora creates social interventions that manifest themselves in all media and are always based on deep research into the history of a place and its inhabitants’ collective memories, myths and desires.

Zepplins over St.Marks! The aliens have landed! 

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Huang Yong Ping.

The piece has it’s roots in confrontation to contrast an exchange of different cultural and spiritual worlds. His oversize re-creations of the hand of Buddha (a type of cedar tree used in Chinese medicine) dwell in the ambiguity of the references of both spiritual and earthly realms. The scale and texture are so visually arresting. 


The beauty of failure by Nicola Verlato.


 The death of James Dean from a drawing by Andy Warhol.


Neon ‘Strictly Come Dancing’!!!

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Amongst the crystallised microphoned forest, the unicorn lives!



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  1. Jordan made the shoes famous by playing in them, and his on-the-court accomplishments have allowed the brand to continue to grow. And while it is not so much about the shoe as it is the man whose feet they were on, we’d all be lying if said we didn’t enjoy/cringe at how some of his shoe styles looked.

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