Here, 10 pictures of customers who came through the door at London’s b Store wearing chinos in various ways. Consider: are they now the new jean?

Chino 01Chino 02Chino 03Chino 04Chino 05Chino 06Chino 07Chino 08Chino 09Chino 10

Some wise words from Matthew and Kirk, proprietors: “In our opinion chinos are the only informal trouser that should be worn. They can be worn by boys and girls in a many ways – smart, with a good pair of chunky brogues, casual, rolled up with a pair of pumps and hardcore with a pair of heels, as above.”

b Store – Savile Row, London W1.



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8 responses to “Here, 10 pictures of customers who came through the door at London’s b Store wearing chinos in various ways. Consider: are they now the new jean?

  1. J’agree. Does Bstore do them in girly sizes?

  2. 10magazine

    Yes, yes, I understand. Very you, dear!

  3. Absolutely. So much lighter than jeans and more versatile. Roll-em up, roll-em down, roll…all over ’em…

  4. 10magazine

    Dicky Gray here: just a thought: a long time ago, I really wanted a Margiela trench coat with a raw hem. It hit the just above mid-thigh. I was obsessed. Anyway, me being from the north, I had a thrifty thought: why not buy a second-hand Burberry one (£20 or so), cut it short with the old bacon scissors and attack it with a pin so it frayed a bit. Then wear. I did and got trop de compliments. How about somet’ like that with a pair of your actual chinos, as
    above. Could work.

  5. I love the idea of hacking at something with a pin. So violent, yet so delicate. The trench sounds like perfection.

  6. I’m sorry Richard but …where are you getting second-hand Burb trench coats for £20 from, pray tell? Are you talking about 20 years ago???!

  7. 10magazine

    This was in ’68, mind and part of my exit for Woodstock: garlands in hair etc. etc.

    “I once woke under Keith Moon”: Patsy in Abo Fabu.

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