Did you know super-talented designer Antonio Berardi is a huge music nerd? Loves the stuff! Here’s the first of his Friday playlists for your aural perusal.

Les RitaMitsouko ‘C’EST COMME CA’: just because it’s got Comme in the title and it’s a birthday greeting…

The Animal Collective ‘MY GIRLS’: I love a neon mouth!

Traci Lords ‘FALLEN ANGEL’: even porn stars can make a record, ‘clunge’ with talent!

The Big Pink – ‘TOO YOUNG TO LOVE’: coz we have been rocking this in the studio since February.

The Dandy Warhols ‘MIS AMIGOS’: feel good hit of the summer.

Vanessa Paradis ‘TANDEM’: coz she is sexy in this.

Earth Wind & Fire ‘LET’S GROOVE’: a Balmain moment.

Jesus Loves You ‘GENERATIONS OF LOVE’: reminds me of being off my head on Haliborange at Kinky Gerlinky.

Planet Earth ‘DURAN DURAN’: ridiculous dancing!

Vlad The Impaler ‘KASABIAN’: because Vampires are the new gods, just check out TRUE BLOOD.


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