Chanel- The Show









Well how do I begin to even talk about this amazing vision executed with such precision and oh so beautifully it really did take my breath away. It truly transported you to a place in time -a moment in Karl’s world that was a window to the process that really was AMAZING,unique and so exquisite. We staggered down to the beach where the pavillions became the audiences viewing stations and towels care of Chanel lay on the loungers monogramed of course!!!!!

We all settled into our deck chairs and awaited the happening to begin as the sunset  sky became a magical blue. Tatjana Patitz walked out onto the wooden catwalk and the Death In Venice theme was totally realized. She walked with the family cast behind her-they strode the gentle evening breeze lifting the gosamer thin chiffons and lace, only enchancing every moment more and more and reinforcing the romance of the whole experience. So unique and beautiful. It will remain always as part of the moments that I will always draw on that inspired!!!

The main body of the collection also did NOT disappoint it had a lightness and a wantability that will definately have the cash registers singing come next season for cruise. Gorgeous modern proportions, ultra tiny minis with masculine long jackets and the most wonderful gladiator flats, adored, adored, and the most amazing diaphonous chiffons that floated across the body like delicate veils barely covering with movement that made those girls float and glide across the catwalk.

This experience ticked every single box- creatively and commercially if only every fashion experience could replicate this, our universe would be a very happy happy place!

Karl forever!!



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