Team Ten report from the Rosemount Australia Fashion Week: the fabulous Willow presentation.



Above: As we arrive at the stunning 1840 Gothic villa, the home of the Oxleys and one of the first harbour houses with its own little beach, we wandered around the tropical gardens with huge Moreton Bay Figs everywhere.  It created an amazing backdrop for the little vignette of girls suspended over the water on long swings that swayed in the evening breeze; it was so magical and the clothes didn’t disappoint either. The Melbourne born designer’s latest collection “Creature” (inspired by birds) created fluid shapes with opulent fabrics, as silver fringing edged each gown. The show shoes proved to be my personal fave of the week: gravity-defying second-skin bright leather boots with 15cm fetish heels – yes please! A truly great experience. And where to buy this gorgeous collection? Well, for the first time this season: Liberty, Selfridges and Net-a-Porter are all stockists. Go on, get out there and spend!    


Above: a Morton Bay Fig – FABULOUSLY HUGE and first planted in 1840 by Sir Thomas Mitchell – the man who discovered the Blue Mountains (more than just skirts here!)


Above, left-to-right – the gorgeous good time girls: Claudia Navone, Flo Torrens, Alison Vaness.


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