Team Ten report from the Rosemount Australia Fashion Week: Romance Was Born – indeed it was.


This fascinating presentation was held in the Sydney Theatre Company located on the Harbour which operates under the co-artistic directorship of Cate Blanchett – a fan of the designers Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales and their label ‘Romance Was Born’.

This show presented me with a very challenging idea of what fashion is and offered me a window into their minds. A whimsical fantasty, a naive child-like idea of texture and colour, purity, honesty and clarity. Although, it had nothing to do with commerciality, it represented a welcome and necessary alternative to the week’s proceedings. Everything had a gorgeous child-like appeal: shells glued to shoes, huge knitted poms poms – the fantasy of a child’s mind; children let loose on a box of tricks – with truly amazing results. It did challenge me on many levels, questioned me on so many too – was it good taste bad taste?? was it relevant / irrelevant (in terms of fashion ‘sellabitilty’) and does that really matter, anyway? These two are obviously executing their creativity in the most honest way possible. What it did do was evoke emotion, response, lasting memory and a unique sensibility, which is undoubtably what all fashion should be. For me, it was the perfect way to end the week. Brilliant!


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