‘Sands Suzy’: such a popular destination Down Under…


Okay, this is the wonderful glorious Ben Hams of MAP Australia – we have met our soul mate Down Under and he has told us the most genius story that made us laughed so hard we nearly peed!

On his way to showing his gorgeous English girlfriend the sites, he excitedly told her of the fabled beauty of the beach suburb called ‘Sands Suzy’. His gorgeous girl questioned why was it given this name? Was it named after a special girl from Aussie history, perhaps?

Upon arriving at ‘Sands Suzy’ his educated girl shot him a cutting look and proceeded to inform him – with a certain level of destain, and, of course, superiority – that the place was, in fact, called ‘Sans Souci’ – French for ‘without care’! Oops! He never really did French at school. Good job he’s handsome!



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