Rosemount Australia Fashion Week: the update.



The Kate Sylvester show, for me, felt like a fun bright American Apparel moment that although was adequate enough – begs the question: does this really warrant a long and repetitive  show desperately in need of a heavy edit? On a more positive note: the use of colour was bold and bright, which, was a definite plus.



In comparison with the morning’s offerings – Aurelio illustrated exactly how to effectively edit and stage a show to the optimum advantage of the collection. As we all stood and waited for the show to begin, little green circles marked where the girls – in exquisitely crafted offerings – had to stand. There couldn’t have been more than 15 looks and we were definitely all left wanting more! “The rest of the collection can be viewed in my studio” he informed his questioning fans. Afterwards, we all wandered around and were able to see each detail of the exquisite hand-finishing and touch each piece individually. There was a confidence in the work that rarely withstands such close scrutiny – it was well executed and a pleasure to experience.



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  1. love hearing pros and cons about RAFW from an outsider
    proud and embarrassed at the same time

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