Contributing Editor-at-Large, J.W. Anderson: “10 things I hate about Wednesday the 22nd of April 2009!”


1.            Why do visa’s not grow on trees? Both the ones that give you money and the ones that let you in to countries!

2.            She’s on the phone, she can’t take your call, she’s got a nose bleed, she’s out the office, no… she actually doesn’t work here anymore! Its amazing what a                   sunny day can do to an office!

3.            Victoria line down = interns lost… do they really all live on the Victoria line?

4.            Why can people not just make the shoes I want?

5.            Why has Madonna not got her babies yet?

6.            Just found out cream eggs are disappearing until next Easter. Cream egg diet… over!

7.            Can’t find a lighter? Never use the hob, I have no eyebrows and considerably less hair.

8.            This blue sky everyone keeps talking about, I want to see it!

9.            Re-inventing the wheel.

10.          Lists!


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