Prada A/W 2009 are collections to make angels weep. And be assured – a couple will.


Womenswear is a crystalisation of everything that Prada has come to stand for: a woman’s strength and instinct for survival. (Studs on shoes and a mohawk). A woman at work on the land too. (Galoshes/wellies) She’s a gladiator with trims on her skirt and sparkly bits and strips of leather. A nipped-waist dress in an odd, sort of, furnishing fabric, could be something favoured by the vicar’s wife, but we doubt it.

Menswear is sinister survival: rivets punched into luxury fabrics or just plain white cotton.  Shoes and sneakers have a bastard son. Then that grey coat and we turned the cuff up for a closer look: silk, leather trim, cashmere, studs (convex and concave).

Ah! maybe that’s it: convex and concave rivets are the vulnerable and not-so-vulnerable sides of a man.  Got it!


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