Shenanigans central. This is the Starworks press day. They get up to all sorts.


Dame Niki Bidder (right) and Lady Alexis Mabille in the new candy floss ‘shags’ by Marios Schwab.

DIVINE! That’s Divine as in the drag queen singer…

Here are a few choice words from designer Alexis Mabille about his fabulous collection when we spoke to him that day:

“My collection is as usual inspired by many aspects but first and foremost it is the concept of unisex clothes – the mix of men’s wardrobes and feminine fabrics.

I don’t really have a theme but more of a strong direction about what or who I love – playing with love is the best way to seduce. The aim of the season was to reveal people’s attitudes and sentiments by mixing sensual fabrics with the body – the cut of the fabric and the moving of seams to create delicacy and seduction.

My collection is a question of the cut and fit matching everyone; being free to play, the freedom of the look to promote individualism, for men and women. Everyone is my ‘woman’. Everyone is charismatic.”

Hit: for more information. It’s lovely stuff!


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