Fashion: now’t changes.

Spring marks 25 years since the Miners’ Strike.

The then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, set out to crush the influence and increasing power of unions – especially that of the NUM (National Union of Mineworkers). The UK came to a standstill.

This was a political battle in which we, the kids, had no real part. (Clanky segue….) Here’s what we all wore back then:

Roller boots were big news, generally with a rainbow down one side, as were tee-bag tees and maroon sleeveless jumpers with grey waffle trousers.

Pods were the shoes du jour, and, if your dad wasn’t on strike or on the dole or you knew somebody with a catalogue, you may have been lucky enough to own a pair of Hi-Tec Silver Shadow trainers. WOW! All the better to wear during the run home from school to watch Chocky.

I walked across the park to get to the Tube Station this morning and saw two girls off to college in cropped pants and flat shoes, plastic earrings and wedge hair. Further along a boy in skin tight jeans and an ironic mullett. Then I read in the Metro that we’ll reach 3,000,000 unemployed very soon. I thought: now’t changes. 


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