Kraftwerk: Scahaufensterpuppen (Shop Window Mannequins)

There is no point listening to Kraftwerk unless it’s in German. This is law.

Here is a rather disturbing video found, ‘auf dem Internet’.

In fashion terms (hate that phrase), there’s something interesting about the sickly colours that only the 1970s could have produced: those awful bridesmaid dresses and those ‘just been sick in my mouth’ nighties in turquoise and wedding cake pink. They fascinate me.

I think it’s bad taste verging on the suicidal. I’m heavily into a PENCILED EYEBROW too, plucked into obscurity before application, of course.

PLUS waist length centre parted hair. Google: Jane Seymour as Solitaire in Live and Let Die.


Have a wander through old Top of the Pops videos from the mid-seventies and gawp with excitement. And can we talk about white knee length socks worn with floral dresses, the ones you can still get on Doncaster market? M.O.D.E.R.N. A.G.A.I.N.


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