Lovely Lanvin









Oh what a happy place the fashion world could be if everyone that inhabited it was as glorious,passionate and wonderful as the gorgeous Alber Elbaz.

He was in London for the opening of his gorgeous pleasure palace (shop) in Mount Street- 128 Mount Street W1 to be specific.Everyone should rush there now clutching their credit cards and stock up on the gems within.There are pieces that have sold out all over the world that still exist in this little corner of heaven.

Alber personally talked us through the idea behind each piece. How he evolved it and the whole philosophy of the woman who wears it. My fav sound bite was “I don’t want to see the dress then the lady-but the lady with the dress” Adore him!!!

I even got  a bit of shopping in my blue leopard dress-so exciting.

Then off us privalidged little bunch trotted to dinner at home with Ivor Braka and Alber. What an amazing way to round off a truely brilliant evening-more like this please!!!

We HEART you Alber your fan base at Ten Towers xxxx 




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3 responses to “Lovely Lanvin

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. ooh an Alber trunk show, you lucky things…

  3. please get m0nsieur alber to be a guest editor on the blog too . Loving it .x

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