Autumn/Winter Press Days are upon us. Again…

In this busy world of bleeding edge apparel we have things called ‘Press Days’. This is where mag and newspaper types troll around town shaking hands and drinking warm champagne with PRs who try and seduce us with next season’s stuff : “What an amazing handbag! Ah! And those diviiiine shoes.” That kind of thing. I’m not being prissy, this is the order of things – the way things are, it works. And it generally goes something like this:

Invite lands on desk. “Be there and see AW 09 lines from etc etc. refreshments provided”.

You turn up, look at things, take notes, sometimes pictures and then go to the next one; it’s a carousel of hair grips, lipsticks and neo-wedge heels. You smile a lot.

And, the first prize for best Press Day E-vite so far goes to… DRUM ROLL…. (Wiped sweaty palms on cheap trousers)… Mandi Lennard PR!

Wouldn’t you turn up for this with bells on? Flipping love it!



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