Now, I’m not blaming anybody for this, but somebody from this office was supposed to take a good picture, you know – one that you can actually register detail in… But, for whatever reason it didn’t happen. So, here, instead, an official catwalk shot.

Any thoughts on inspiration? I said Mutter Courage, Antony said Dr. Zhivago in fact it was Russia. I think Antonio Marras has this ability to meld references together without venturing into the realms of parody: the dresses and coats were beautiful and that hint of military – bang on the money. There’s a sense of this around: military/protection but all the while tempered with his acute understanding of beauty and femininity. A really great show.



Filed under Sophia Neophitou

2 responses to “Kenzo

  1. I just read your latest issue of 10 men, AWESOME, love your magazine!

  2. 10magazine

    Cheers! Wait for May…

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