Antonio Berardi Show


As the audience crammed into the little broken church in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris, people pressed together to anticipate the world of Berardi.

The church suddenly filled with banging rock music that throbbed around us. The show opened with amazing dresses and a tiny cropped jacket in tulle covered sequins and then there were little lantern embroideries on separates and a wonderful dress – this was a message of modern luxe.

And then came the fur – in abundance: this an exciting new line with Saga Furs and part of the ever growing house. Did I mention the shoulder line? Super! Kind of rounded, and a sweeter alternative in soft grey wool suiting and hurrah! More wonderful dresses. It was an easier alternative to the sometimes harsh reality of the 80s version currently doing the rounds.

The beauty of the girls shone so brightly with their divine mouths like the petals on a rose – velvety and totally kissable as the gorgeous Mr Glenn O’ Brien editorial director of Interview put it.



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2 responses to “Antonio Berardi Show

  1. Loving the lips…who did the macquillage???

  2. 10magazine

    The fabulous Val Garland.

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