God damn that stoopid Parisian traffic – we got there, just as the show was starting (hence the picture from the standing bit)

Now, before I start, a word about my enthusiasm: I know I keep saying things were great and fabu and stuff like that – but it’s one hell of a season you know. Things are great and fabu. It’s justified.

Anyway, Lanvin and I… well… I can’t write. I don’t know what to write. Fabu and excellent and gorgeous and all that just don’t do it justice. Even from the back the fabrications shone through. So much money and time has been invested in this. In the Feb issue (out now…) our Richard Gray wrote about a sort of new sexual awakening in Lanvin girl and this time there’s more of the same but she remains INCREDIBLY PARISIAN. She’s also incredibly rich. I’m talking minted. She’s like expensive dark chocolate: men would want a bite. Those dresses and coats and the sassy hair this time with featherd fringe were exceptional. 10 over 10!


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