Gossip: there was nearly a fight, well it was more of a scrum as the photographers were jostling to get a picture of… uh!… who is it?… oh my God it’s… Michael Jackson. No it’s not…. hang on, it’s…. Marilyn Monroe back from the dead!… oh, it’s not her either. Who is it then? Oh, it’s Kate Moss…

Ah, but wait, there’s Beth Ditto looking fabulous and Freida Pinto and Anna Mouglalis and behind Claudia Schiffer there’s somebody waving at me. Bless, it’s Mark Zaffuto of Le Club Sandwich fame. What’s he saying? “Take a picture of me!” And then he leans forward from the second row and pretends he’s gossiping with La Schiffer. Hilarious! Love him.

And so the show begins… a triumph of black and more black, in fact, it’s a Karl ode to black. Admittedly, there were bits of white and jade (pants and on a belt and, I think, on a necklace or three). Another hi-light colour this time rose made you’re eyes notice even more of the black.

Isn’t that fascinating – with an alternative pretty colour the power of the black comes through even more. He’s very very clever our Karl.

In terms of what to buy: the list is endless.


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