Hostess With The Mostest: Antonio Berardi

Our darling Mr. Berardi hosted a well-needed, home-cooked dinner party where all gathered and consumed pasta with sausage sauce and kumquat bread and butter pudding. A taste of home we all longed for after a long week in Milan. More of these please as often as possible.
Select guest list included: Lisa Armstrong, Carolyne Asome, Gabriele Hackworthy, Claudia Croft, Antony Miles, Lucy Ewing, Paula Reed, me (Sophia) and of course the hosts themselves – Antonio, Freddie and Bruno the dog.



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3 responses to “Hostess With The Mostest: Antonio Berardi

  1. RENE

    Nice clivage … thanks for the invitation !!!!

  2. Meredith

    Who is the designer for the blue dress in picture 2 and 3? I know I have seen it but for the life of me I cannot rememmber the person who does it.

  3. 10magazine

    Dear Meredith,

    Claudia’s dress is by Philip Lim.


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