An office conversation just went thus:

Natalie: “You HAVE to read Tavi’s blog – she’s so funny!”
Sophia “What’s that?”
Natalie: “Oh, she’s fabu! She’s only 12 and is mad mad keen on fashion. And she knows who Rei Kawakubo is. Really, what 12-year-old would know that?”


Sophia: “Oh, my word, she’s fabulous. I think I’m in love. We have to write about her! Ask if we can use her picture.”

And we did – Tavi said she’d be “honoured”.

Here are Tavi’s own words on her, her universe and how it rocks:

“12 year old garden gnome with the brain of a wind-up monkey, posture of a crotchety old hag, and tact of Larry David. I enjoy Edward Gorey, vulgar thoughts, rapping about Rei Kawakubo, and reenacting scenes from the Lion King with 10-month-old babies. I am not cute.”


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