Bless: First Face at Prada

Riiinnnng! That’ll be the door bell. Why, it’s new model-of-the-moment and first face at the Prada show Nicolas Ripoll on a go-see.

And what a cute dress sense: note the jodhpur-style track pants in quirky shoes and hot scarf action.

This is his first time in London and he’s going shopping – vintage stuff, of course.



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28 responses to “Bless: First Face at Prada

  1. men with quirky red shoes, yum, very dorothy a la wizard of oz. loves loves loves

  2. The scarf is killing me…

  3. Rubina

    oh i love him… first time i saw him on facehunter.
    do u know something more about him??

  4. Rubina

    oh i love ripoll.
    do u know something more about him?

  5. 10magazine

    Hi there,

    Have a look on


  6. Rubina

    something more?

  7. 10magazine

    Don’t really know what to say except he was a sweetheart. And I’m sure there’s some major editorial coming up soon with him – not sure where though. Eyes on stalks!

  8. peter

    i saw this guy back stage at the MAN show i think he is dating JW Anderson the mens wear designer !!! they where all over each other!!!

  9. lk

    you are joking, right?

  10. peter

    no i saw them all over each other back stage i was taking pic for work, they look really good together. very cute.

  11. justin

    is this the same guy that is in the Jw anderson lookbook ????

  12. 10magazine

    Yes, yes!

  13. 10magazine

    J.W Anderson fans – and I know there are a lot of you out there – note, he’s now one of our guest bloggers. And witty and funny he is too. The return of the banana hammock!

  14. lili

    what? he is gay?? no…

  15. oka

    i don’t believe it too.

  16. mimi

    I saw him with a girl on one festival, and they were pretty much all over each other. I can’t imagine him with a guy. Weird

  17. suzy

    I saw him with jwanderson out side liberty kissing they look really good together I think it is a good match. I would be happy with either one! why do all the good ones go gay!!!!!!!

  18. Cédric

    For all the ladies who are wondering whether this guy is gay or not … He is gay. It’s been a while since i dont see him but i think he is now dating a guy named Juan Manuel Arancibia,who has done Dior Homme Spring 2010 Campaign.

  19. elle

    does anyone know what’s the first song?



  20. russel

    so funny that kid Juan in the dior Campaign used to be a rent boy so funny!!!!!! going up in the world….



  22. wow!
    is tat true?

    gimme proof juan.

  23. alan

    Where did you hear this from?

  24. Christopher

    So funny, I think JWAnderson is dating Jacob Coupe I saw them in Paris kissing very hot couple good match.

  25. suzy

    So perfect love both these guys I heard it from a friend a while ago I feel that these guys are the wright match

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