Now then, this is when you realise how much Giles Deacon has done for fashion design.

His show wasn’t a greatest hits or maybe it was: the festooned spikes, the fly fishing print dress, the eveningwear (exceptional), the knitwear (exceptional part deux) and two brown leather skirts that looked like funnels. All this on the best girls and some random hard-look lasses: tattoos, shaved hair – Sarah Mower says they were street-cast in Camden, which makes sense.

AND Lorraine Kelly was there. I know, I know. Our Antony in the office even got her to autograph his invite.

Dear Lorraine,

If you wanted you could have my arm and even my leg and we could get married and I could style you and carry your bag and come to work with you. I can cook, clean, sew and I’m a dab hand a dipping voiles.

Love Richard


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  1. I LOVE Lorraine Kelly. That’s all.

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