Look, are we in the Bond Street Prada store or a skate park? You can’t have both! Well, actually you can. This is the second in a series of Prada store ‘remixes’ after New York and the first by super stylist and Ten Towers mate, Katie Grand.

Katie dipped into the Prada archive and ‘remixed’ the merchandise: men’s pants with women’s blouses, this season with last and older, gigantic hats by Stephen Jones and ‘plastered’ mannequin hair pieces by Pat McGrath.

On a video-wall a film by David Sims setting fire to some random mannequin on a Cornish beach – like you do. Then there was the aforementioned skate park, a what-do-you-me-call-it… Erm… skate ramp, right there, in the middle of the store.

Mad, mad, mad and very clever. Prada’s Milan and Paris stores to follow.


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