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London Fashion Week: Paul Smith

This season the English gentlemen gives us… the English gentlemen! Well, gentlewomen if you will: well-tailored (of course) trouser suits and striped shirts with bowler hats. ‘Citywear’ for when this damn upward spike finally spikes upward.



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London Fashion Week: Josh Goot

I’m sure Roy Lichtenstein was the Pop Art artist, wasn’t he? Look, I’m writing this on the hoof and I’ve no chance to check. He was the chap behind the cartoon-inspired canvases, right? Anyway, there was a sense of Lichtenstein’s work at Josh Goot’s show but it wasn’t literal, it looked only inspired by him: bright, bold dresses and separates and some monochrome pieces that played with your eyes like the ones below. Liked it. 




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London Fashion Week: Christopher Kane

It started and I didn’t know what to write.  By a third of the way through I understood and by the end I was nodding and my head could have fallen off because I was nodding so much but it didn’t. Gingham cotton, and I have evidence, is far more than you ever thought it could be. Not only can it engage with other ginghams in different colours (brown with blue), it can happily marry, and live together forever, (kisses) in a dress. And it can be disquieting: you can pervert gingham by splicing it with net sections and making it abstract (blurry) in certain sections too. You can put gingham on pleated chiffon skirts which attach to fitted bodice tops that look, sometimes, like lingerie. And, when you’ve investigated this to its logical conclusion you stop, but only after introducing intricate beading on net to make dresses from aprons or panels – sometimes tied together. And completely re-issued the skirt by adding two splits at the front that end mid-thigh or thereabouts so the splits move in a certain way when you walk and look completely new. He’s a very agile designer.



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London Fashion Week: Todd Lynn

You should really shop here for some of the best leather jackets out there and team these with a wonderful bootcut (I can’t think of a new word to describe it) pant. It was dark but not dark as to be intimidating. Look out for the lace-up details on arms – Todd giving good sporty ref. A very nice man with oodles of talent.



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London Fashion Week: Marios Schwab

It’s a question of length – three lengths and these three lengths are layered.

1.The shirt/yoke. 2. The waister skirt. 3. The mid-calf ruched tube. Layer them: 1, 2, 3.

It makes for a beautiful way of dressing. It was a very beautiful show.



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London Fashion Week: Luella

Anne Wintour is in town and she’s looking great. Today’s exit: a metallic-y python print trench and super sharp heels. Anna was, of course, front row and I can confirm nodded her head twice in approval at Luella’s 50s prom-y / garden party sort of / terribly English affair. Top notch coats in candy-coloured wools, an off yellow-y and red and really really great abstract print satin dresses –  one with cut-out heart detail. And then the eyes and a wipe of colour over each lid: red, green, there may have been a yellow and definitely blue. 



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